Communicating With Guides and Loved Ones

Communicating with guides and loved ones is a way for us to connect with them on the otherside. They are with us each and every day. Likewise, they watch over us to help us on our journey. Therefore, having access to communication with them is an incredible bonus. It allows us to be pro-active on our path and fast forward the things we are trying to achieve and/or experience. Join me as I discuss the why, where and how to communicate with your guides and loved ones on the otherside.

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Our Mission

For years the SAGE Method has been helping individuals hone their intuition and connect with their unique intuitive flow. It is our passion to lift people up on their spiritual journey and give them the tools they need to live a full intuitive and blissful life. There are many avenues to intuitive development. So, we have created the SAGE Circle Membership, a thorough blog, inspirational and helpful videos. In addition there is also the SAGE Method course itself. As a result, we are able to support people in the way they learn the best.

Our students come from around the globe, connecting in a way that lifts not only their vibration but the energy of the world. Moreover, the love that is generated through the SAGE memberships and courses provides everyone with the source of energy they need to thrive. In other words, a person can find the tools, support, education they need to live the life they truly want.

You Are Intuitive

Intuition is not something reserved for a special few. It is available to everyone and it is a natural part of your existence because it is your sixth sense. Most importantly, with knowledge, practice, and a little patience your intuition can guide you with strength and clarity!

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