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Get Better Intuitive Messages With a Small Shift in Focus

I was challenged today to come up with one, and only one, suggestion that would be the best tip for someone who wanted to get better intuitive messages. If you’ve been following the SAGE Method for a while you know what my first response was, GCP! (link below) But, today I want to share another very impactful shift in opening your intuition and help you to receive better intuitive messages more often.

Let me start with what does not help and then I will line up that small shift for you that will indeed help. Two huge items that block or slow down your intuitive flow are patience and analysis. When we are frustrated and/or thinking about why our intuition isn’t flowing smoothly, we are utilizing our left brain.

The Left Brain and The Right Brain

Our left brain is analytical. It is the area we use when it comes to figuring something out or picking apart an experience. When we are focused on this analysis process, our left brain is speaking louder than our right brain which is the creative and intuitive side.

When the left brain is firing, the right brain is quiet. If we want our intuition to deliver messages to us, which we totally do, then we need to silence the left brain so our right brain can be front and center and doing its magical thing.

You can see how impatience and analysis, both of which fire up the left brain, can block intuition from bubbling up to the surface. This is where the one easy shift comes in, the shift that can improve your intuition.

Stop thinking and Have Fun

When you catch yourself picking apart what is happening, stop and clear your mind. Imagine wiping away your analytical thoughts like erasing a big old blackboard. Relax and settle into an empty mind state. Then, do the one small shift that will welcome your intuition to flow. Have fun.

Simple and easy. Just have fun. Enjoy what is happening around you and absorb the cool moments you do have from your intuition. When you get a random intuitive message, just smile and feel great about it happening. If a thought pops in about it, let it go. Shut that left brain down, open the right brain (your creative flow) and relax as you wait for the next cool experience to happen.

When you are in this fun state of mind, you will have more and more experiences. And in the end, that’s what we are looking for anyway, right?

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