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Raising Your Vibration With Meditation

When you are raising your vibration with meditation, you will feel a sense of worry and stress slip away. They will fall away from you as if they are settling to the bottom of a body of water, out of your line of sight and sound. When your vibration is raised you will be more interested in experiencing the calm, quiet, comfort than anything else. There is a balanced state from all directions, and you do not fear for the future.

I experienced this when I was given Sacred Space energy and taught to use it in meditation for not only myself, but for others. Many people I know have found different types of meditation that work brilliantly for them. We are all unique but there will be a meditation out there that is perfect for you.

My History With Sacred Space Energy

Years ago, out of the blue, I started to feel off, slightly odd without words I could put to the feelings. Over the course of a month or two people would mention to me they felt lightheaded or dizzy when they were around me. I was puzzled as to why but knew it was something significant when it continued to happen over and over.

One evening, I asked my guides what was happening and they explained that I had received a new energy called Sacred Space energy. My next obvious question was, “What the heck do I do with it?”

Training and Using Sacred Space Energy

That question sparked my training. My guides trained me on how to use the Sacred Space energy to raise other people’s vibrations. I was excited to give it a try. I gathered a bunch of friends and students together in a room and followed the direction of my guides.

The outcome was more than I had expected. Not only were we able to gather together and the Sacred Space energy raised the vibration of all involved for a period of time, the results were incredible! There was a peace in the room that I recognized. It was that type of settled comfort that everything is okay. Even more so it was a room full of people who were in the moment and centered. I was deeply grateful and I’ve been doing Sacred Space sessions with people ever since.

Find the Right Meditation For You

We are all unique and different. That is what makes us great! When it comes to meditation, my best advice is to try different forms of meditation. And give each meditation a good try and enough time to really try to sink into it. Set aside a new form of meditation each month and give yourself 30 days to try the meditation each day. This way you’ll give yourself time to see if that meditative practice is right for you. And if you haven’t seen signs of it working in 30 days you now have given yourself permission to try a different form of meditation.

There are all kinds of meditation out there. Walking meditation, Transcendental meditation, empty mind meditation, and the list goes on. Each has its own flavor and some will work far better for you than others. So put it on your calendar to sample a new type of meditation this month and see what happens.

You Deserve to Be Centered in Love

When you find that meditation that really speaks to you, silently with love and raises your vibration, stick with it. Even if you fall off for a little bit, jump back in as soon as you notice you are out of the pattern. You deserve it and taking the time to raise your vibration through meditation is the best and most simple gift you can give yourself.

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