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I Manifest Axe Throwing

In this episode, I Manifest Axe Throwing, I explain how if you get stuck on trying to figure out HOW your manifesting will show up in your life. Certainly, it’s a great reminder to stay open to any and all opportunities that bring what you are desiring into your life. For example, this was me manifesting axe throwing.

I Manifest Axe Throwing Episode Highlight:

“The farmer’s market came and one of the vendors was an axe throwing booth. That is to say, it was indeed bizarre how it showed up. However, just like I tell the SAGE Circle members in our circle membership, you are your conscious creator. If you are manifesting you gotta let go of how it’s gonna come in. This is because it will. And sometimes it comes in magical ways.”

Beau’s RV Set Up:

Ford F-350 Dually (Nicknamed Calypso)
42′ Fifth-wheel Momentum M-Class 395 (Nicknamed The Pearl)

Cracking Open: Adventures of a Reluctant Medium

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