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Two reasons your intuition accuracy might be low

If you’ve experienced a drop in your intuition accuracy just know you are not alone. It is very common. So common in fact, it tends to be a running conversation in our SAGE social chat circles. A drop in your accuracy is not permanent and I’d like to take a moment today to explain why and what you can do about it.

Reason #1 – You had too strong of a vested interest in the outcome

If you have a desire or a want when it comes to something in your life, it will be harder for you to get accurate intuitive information for yourself about that item, person, or outcome. This is due to the internal battle between your emotions and your intuition.

For example, let’s say you ask your intuition if you are going to get the job you just interviewed for. It’s a job you really, really want. While the answer to this question might truly be “no”, your emotions can skew that intuitive flow coming through because you want the “yes” outcome so badly. Another way to say this is our emotions color the intuitive information coming through to fit our desires.

What can you do about it? There are two choices here. You can either let go of trying to get the information, knowing you just can’t get out of your own way on this one and intuition accuracy just isn’t going to work this time. Or you can try a quick check in with yourself. Imagine taking the emotions you have around the question, putting them into a magical box or bag of some sort, and then ask the question. If you can hold yourself, even for ten minutes, in a space of not caring what the outcome is, then your intuition will be able to speak clearly. When you’re done, you can always take that emotion back out of the box or bag and place it again close to your heart.

Reason #2 – You have way too much happening in your human life

With this one I gotta say right out of the gate… don’t be hard on yourself. We all have times in life where there is a lot to do on our human path. Stressful times but also joyous times. It can be working two jobs or it could be planning a beautiful wedding. Either way, take a deep breath knowing your intuition isn’t going anywhere. It’s not gone. Your intuition accuracy is just taking a backseat for a little bit while you live out an important part of your path.

When we are anchored very strongly in our humanness, we are linked tightly to this agreed upon reality. Accessing our intuition has to do with allowing the agreed upon reality to fade from your focus. This is when really strong intuition accuracy comes through. Thus, when you have more time to relax, center, replenish, you will be more able to settle into that intuitive space.

In summary, don’t rush yourself with either of these issues. Heck these aren’t even issues. These are you being the beautiful you that you are. You being human. And our human path is just as important as our spiritual path. In that balance of love for both sides you will find strength.

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