Imagination vs. Intuition

When it comes to imagination vs. intuition it can be very difficult to tell the difference between the two. In this video, Beau goes into great detail on why this is and how you can overcome this intuitive frustration and block. If you’ve ever thought you’ve had an intuitive moment but then asked yourself “Was that my intuition or did I make it up?” then this free teaching session is for you. It’s packed with the what, why and how info you need to start to differentiate between imagination and intuition.

Note ~ The struggle with imagination vs. intuition is very, very common. If you have experienced this yourself you are not alone. After watching this teaching session, apply some of the tools you will receive and give yourself some time and patience. Soon, you will begin to feel that subtle difference and in time, it will be much more clear when it is your intuition and when it is your imagination.

Discovery Meditation

In this video Beau mentions a guided meditation series called Discovery Meditation. A hybrid of guided and passive meditation, Discovery Meditation is a practice specifically designed to help you differentiate between imagination and intuition. Discovery Meditation assists you in recognizing the conscious and subconscious minds when they speak. The experiences of imagination and intuition feel very similar. Because of this, many people struggle with trusting the intuitive information they receive. They are not sure whether they have created the information or they have received it intuitively. Click here for more information on Discovery Meditation.

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