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Take Care of Yourself This Holiday Season

Do you take care of yourself the month of December? Planning, shopping, decorating, arranging, organizing. While these tasks are good, I am concerned about how you run around like a crazy person. Is the craziness something you thoroughly enjoy? That is to say, is the craziness something that completely drains you?

If it is the later of the two, I suggest restructuring your December so you can really truly enjoy it. This might mean saying no to someone’s request or not doing as much as you typically do. People always say this is a magical time of year, and it is. But people also say they are fried, burnt out and stressed from all the holiday pressure.

Take a Step Back

So, take a step back. Look at your holiday plans. Decide if you can really truly enjoy them and if you aren’t sure, re-adjust. And don’t worry about disappointing anyone. People who love you and are close to you will actually appreciate your desire to really envelop yourself in their company and joy. Just imaging a holiday season that is focused on taking in the beauty around you, embracing your loved ones and really being present with them.

In summary, put what is most important in front of you. Have meaningful conversations with your loved one and let them know how this time can be more loving, peaceful and joyous for everyone involved. Ask for what you need.

To everyone reading this, make your holiday a beautiful experience. You deserve it! Happy Holidays everyone!

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