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Spiritual Practices Don’t Have to Be Boring

Remember your first spiritual practices? The ones you learned from someone else and and used exactly the way they told you to? Perhaps it was meditating with a particular stone, or saying a blessing every night before bed. It could have been a chant or a protection practice. Any ritual you were taught. You learned the ritual, you excitedly used it for a period of time and then you got bored of it and quit using it.

Very common. People will cycle through practices thinking they aren’t working anymore. Or they just forget about them simply because there is no excitement in using them. And this is the key… excitement. When we infuse our practices with joy and excitement it amps them up dramatically! It supercharges them into a tool that works wonders.

If a tool isn’t working and/or your bored with it

Before you throw a tool out, change it in some way to fit your unique, personal style. Bring in elements, hobbies, passions you get fired up about and infuse them into the practice.

  • Yoga lovers, instead of just saying your gratitude speech in the morning say it while you do a sun salutation. Mix the speech up so it matches the flow of the moves.
  • Music lovers, crank up that volume! When you set your protection practice, do it to music. Watch the music waves surround you and amplify the protection.
  • Animal lovers, give your pet some love at the same time you’re sending love out to someone else. Connect with how much love your pet brings you and let that connection amplify the love you are in turn sending out into the world.

Emotions have different vibrations to them

Emotions make things more powerful. They intensify whatever it is you are doing in the moment. If you are an artist, painting a picture, it will be much darker energetically if you are sad when you paint it. Equally so, it will be much lighter energetically if you are happy when you create it. People who look at your completed art piece will have a deeper reaction either way as a result of the emotions you were feeling when you created it.

Same is true for our practices. If we fill our energetic space with joy and light while doing a practice, the outcome of the practice will be at a higher vibration thus, more effective.

And in the end, aren’t we all just trying to bring more joy into our lives? Let’s stop looking at these practices as tasks and start to look forward to doing them every day. Amp the practice, witness the results, and get excited for even more.

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