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How to Send Love to Someone With Permission and Strength

The first thing I want to do when I know someone is hurting is to send love and healing energy. I know you can relate.

While it is a beautiful and heartfelt gesture, there is a way to do it that is stronger and makes an even bigger impact in their life.

To simply send love is a marvelous thing. Please don’t ever stop doing that for the people you love. But there is a way to amplify your love and positive energy for them. There is a way to align that love for their highest good. That way is to send it to their spirit guides.

There are three great reasons to do it this way

  1. We, in our human form, don’t always see the big picture and know exactly what it is they need on their path in this moment. But their spiritual guides do know because they have the larger picture.
  2. This is a great way to ask for permission without having to bother your friend or family member who is suffering. Sending the energy to their spiritual guides is a way of saying to the guides, “You decide if this is for their highest good.”
  3. The guides are also able to pinpoint exactly where to send the energy so it will be the most effective. Also, they can amplify it when needed. This way you know your loved one is getting the best version of the energy.

Keep on lifting up those you love

So next time you wish to lift someone up and send them love on their path, consider sending your beautiful, loving energy to their guide. Ask their guide to use that energy for the highest good of your loved one. This will amplify your love and support in an amazing way.

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