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Three Types of Synchronicities and How to See More of Them

Signs and synchronicities are everywhere if you are open to them. Some days we see more of them than others. The key to catching more of these synchronicities in action is to stay open to them. And you don’t even have to stay alert and on the lookout for them constantly. It’s more a matter of deeply accepting a few key things. And this can be done in a super simple meditation. But first let’s define three types of synchronicities.

Three types of synchronicities

  1. Creating ~ These would be signs and synchronicities that confirm you are an active creator of your spiritual path. An example of this would be saying something random and within a few moments or hours, that random thing you casually spoke of shows up.
  2. Manifesting ~ These are signs and synchronicities that reveal that your manifesting efforts are working. An example of this would be seeing more and more pennies everywhere after actively working to manifest money.
  3. Communicating ~ These would be signs and synchronicities that are actually communications from loved ones on the otherside and/or your spiritual guides. An example of this would be your grandmother’s favorite song randomly playing on the radio or seeing your guide’s name in a odd location.

This breakdown of the three types of synchronicities will assist you in understanding why it is you saw or experienced a super cool sign. Now, how do you get more signs? Well, it’s not a matter of getting more signs, it’s a matter of understanding that all the signs are already there, we just need to be open to seeing more of them. We need to open to the possibilities so we can experience more of them.

Here’s a simple meditation to do just that

Once a day, close your eyes for just a few seconds and do the following:

  • Take one deep breath accepting you are a creator of your path.
  • Another deep breath in as you accept that the universe is working in your favor.
  • And one last deep breath in knowing you are guided and watched over.

This three step process acknowledges you as a creator, your acts of manifesting, and the communication between you and those on the otherside.

Want to top off the three steps with a quick mantra? If yes, then say, “I am connected to the patterns of my life and to the flow of my spiritual path.”

Try this for a week and see what happens. See if this simple act of acknowledging opens the doors to more and more signs showing up for you.

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