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Your Guides Would Love to Talk to You

Guide communication is a block for many people. And the key to unlocking that block is to discover the fear behind guide communication. What is it you are afraid of if you were to actually have strong communication with your guides?

Some possibilities include:

  • Afraid of what they will tell you
  • Nervous to see what’s in your future
  • Fear of your personal intuitive success

Whatever the block might be, if you know what it is or you don’t, your goal should be to remove it. Figure out what it is if you haven’t already and reach out for some assistance in releasing it. Perhaps an energy worker or a therapist or coach.

That work, coupled with your dedication, is the way to join that spiritual team of yours. They want to talk to you, they do. And for good reason. It helps them carry out their job with more ease. It’s one thing to anonymously throw you sign after sign to get you to go in a certain direction. It’s another to be able to speak to you directly and provide you direction that way.

Release the idea that your guides are untouchable and unreachable. Remind yourself each day that they are right by your side, part of your experience and loving you. Hold yourself in their energy and tell yourself, repeatedly if you have to, that you are not alone. They are with you guiding you.

They do want to chat

Maybe not about lottery numbers, but absolutely about what is best for you on your path! So set aside a few minutes every morning, or every evening, and meditate with the intention of connection. Let go of the stresses of the day, the worries of the future. Be in the moment and say hello to your team.

Last tidbit of advice… don’t assume they will show up for you in any one particular way. Allow yourself to be open to how they are going to make themselves known and communicate with you. Your intuition is unique and unlike anyone else’s.

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