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Gaining Intuitive Awareness Around Stress

The factors involved in gaining awareness while going through a difficult time are countless. However, I’d like to touch on a few of them today. Everyone has walked through a stressful situation, even dabbled in depression of some sort like sadness, gloom, pessimism. Part of the difficulty in getting above water, getting out of the sadness, is not being able to see clearly every aspect of the problem at hand. To clarify, when I say every aspect I mean the mental and spiritual balance as well as the very real and very human situation presenting itself.

It Can Be Simple

It can be something as simple as moving from one house to another. The human aspect is the physical move, the scheduling of it, and the process of making it happen. Likewise, the spiritual aspect of it is the shifting of your life path, the crushing of your routine, and the mental aspect of it is the attachment pieces or the discomfort in change.

Difficult situations would be easy to blow off and take lightly if it weren’t for the convoluted mess that is the human, the spirit, and the mind, all dealing with their own aspects of the situation. In other words, the human deals with time, the spirit deals with path, and the mental deals with attachment. Thus, if we can stop ourselves from going into that stressful spiral for a small amount of time, just enough to meditate, we might be able to gain clarity.

Take a Step

Pull yourself out of the situation for 30 minutes if possible to sit quietly as an observer and stay curious. Look at each aspect, the human, spirit and mind, one at a time. Lastly, evaluate how each is doing, what is affecting each, and what can be done to help balance each. This will help you to take steps toward that balance.

Quite often a stressful time is unbearable because we haven’t really looked at all the pieces, all the gears and cogs that are moving the stress machine forward. We just look at the machine as a whole. It’s when we take the time to look at the pieces and recognize them for what they are, we are empowering our awareness and moving into the position of the observer and out of the position of victim.

Will it work perfectly every time? No.
Will it help every time? Possibly.
Is it worth doing? Absolutely!

If I handed you a flashlight in the dark, would you use it to see where you are and where you are going? Yep. Same thing here. Meditation is your flashlight. Most importantly, be the observer, even for a small moment of time to gain perspective.

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