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Intuitive Timing is Everything

When I say that timing is everything does it make you think of that moment when you notices a clock a 11:11? If so, you’re not alone. To some people, it’s a spiritual number and to others it’s just a coincidence. Chances are you will see 11:11 a few times a week and some will misinterpret it as a sign. The thing is, 11:11 is a time that people notice, so it’s not at all strange that people will remember it. You probably don’t notice 11:07 or 3:45. Well, they’re not repeating numbers, so they’re not as memorable. However, we do see those times and many others during the day that we may not remember.

A Spirit Trying to Get Your Attention

That is not the end of the story. There are times when spirit will try and get your attention, time is one of them. For five nights in a row I was woken up at 4:44 a.m, that was a sign! I checked in with my guides and was told what I was doing wrong that particular week. Yes, sometimes my guides are like doting parents. The point is, they were trying to get my attention and sometimes subtly works.

When a time is presented to you, check in with your guides to see if they’re trying to get in touch. Sometimes a fellow intuitive can also confirm or dispel the connection. Since we don’t live our lives connected to the other side constantly, it’s not a bad thing to pay attention. To focus on the subtle signs that surround us, certain times being one of them. There may be a specific person or guide that will appear at a specific time. So it may be important to note when they’re coming through to contact you. It doesn’t mean that they will contact you at that specific time each occurrence, but it could also be a confirmation that it’s who you think it is.

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