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Different Ways We Get Signs From Our Spiritual Guides

Our guides love us this is why we get signs from our guides. They are our team on our spiritual path. They are on board to help us experience and thrive on this spiritual path. Communication with them is so incredibly helpful. It can shift us from feeling alone on our path to knowing we are not alone and watched over with love.

How Do We Communicate?

When we think of guide communication we think of seeing and hearing our spiritual guides. But there are other ways they let us know what they are thinking. This is awesome news for those who might not have clear and direct communication with their guides quite yet.

The biggest form of communication is receiving signs. These can come in regular patterns like feathers, pennies, blue birds, etc. But they can also come in the form of really cool synchronicities.

I’ll share one with you now. My hope is that just reading it will open the doors for these magical situations to happen to you as well.

Two Signs From My Guides

Two months ago I was working on mindfulness training for my scattered brain. I was doing meditations and my spirit guide popped in and told me to get a fun fiction book. He explained that it would help with focus and mindfulness. This is an example of a direct type of communication, but read on for the fun sign that is yet to come.

I was on a trip in Oregon at the time my guide told me to get a book so I listened and found the nearest bookstore. I purchased two novels that looked fun and started to read one of them in my hotel room. Yep, he was right, it was PERFECT for mindfulness training.

But guess what? I returned home from that trip, stopped reading the books, stuffed them into a cabinet, and forgot about them.

Two months went by (I still hadn’t read either of the books) and I went to a local marina to rent a fishing boat for the day. There were two women working at the counter and one of them said, “I love your name, how do you pronounce it?”

I pronounced it for her and she went on to say that she just finished reading a book that was really a great read and there was a character in the book with my name, Isabeau (turns out it was Ysabeau, but close enough lol).

I asked her for the name of the book and went home later to look it up on Amazon. It looked oddly familiar. The book was called A Discovery of Witches.

The light bulb went off! It was the very same book I had bought in Oregon. The one I stuffed away in my cabinet. I smiled and thanked my guide for his creative way of nudging me. I would indeed start reading the book again.

Sometimes We Need Signs

Sometimes we need a nudge, or two, or even three. And our guides are more than happy to do that for us. When it happens, smile and say, “Yep, I hear ya.” When you do this, more and more signs will start to appear for you. Personally, I love living with whimsical signs.

So stay open, chat with them from time to time. Let them know you are on the team ready for more information from them. That is when the magic starts to happen.

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