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Afraid to See Spirits

Being afraid to see spirits is one of the biggest fears out there when it comes to opening up intuitively. This stems from a history of spooky movies, creepy stories, and/or the fear of the unknown. But I have good news for you. Just because you open your intuition, doesn’t mean you will be a ghost whisperer, and I’ll tell you how you can set those boundaries for yourself.

First, Why Are We Afraid to See Spirits?

There are a few reasons and they will be different for each individual. Let’s break some of them down. And don’t worry, I’ll provide solutions toward the end of this post, I promise.

The human transition of death has been dehumanized.

Instead of a spirit being instantly recognized as your great aunt Marge, culture is quick to first call that spirit a ghost. The term ghost puts your great aunt Marge into a spooky category instead of a caring category. Why is this? It’s because of the movies and stories we have been watching and listening to since childhood. Our minds, especially if having experienced many horror flicks, jump to the fearful before considering the possible loving connection that is right in front of us. Another way to say this is our fear first causes us to think in terms of “BOO!” instead of in terms of “I love you.”

Our security in isolation is challenged.

When we lock the doors at night it brings us comfort that the deadbolt is keeping people out of our home. But we have that pesky knowing that a heavy duty lock isn’t going to keep a spirit out. This is a very vulnerable feeling. To feel like we can’t control who is in our space can be uncomfortable to say the least. This discomfort causes one to worry of the possibility that someone might just float on into your living room without your invitation.

We are scared of having an experience with a negative or scary spirit.

That fear itself will cause a person to first react to any spiritual interaction with hesitancy and concern. It’s like a wall we put up to make sure nothing bad happens to us. Meanwhile your great aunt Marge is behind the wall as well, hoping to get through to give you a great apple pie recipe. I make light of this, but truth is it can happen, we can run into a negative spirit. But it is a very rare occurrence. And there is a rock solid way of preventing that from happening to you.

Now, What You Can Do to Ease Your Fear

Be okay with not being ready yet.

If you are not ready to connect on an intuitive level with spirits, first and foremost know that it is perfectly fine to set that boundary. Take a deep breath, let go of the pressure or fear around it and give yourself as much time as you need before stepping into that type of communication. Your spiritual guides will not give you what you cannot handle. I’ve taught thousands of students and I have never seen someone experience spirit communication who wasn’t ready for it. Remember, you are watched over and loved. The last thing they are going to do is put you in a situation you cannot handle. Put your hand on your heart and say to your guides, “I’m not ready to open that door yet.” They will listen. They love you.

To feel more comfortable in your home, create a spiritual deadbolt.

This can be done through the practice of GCP, aka Ground, Clear, Protect (I’ll put a link below to a free video on how to do GCP). GCP is something that you do to protect and balance yourself, but this can absolutely be applied to your home as well. Do GCP daily on yourself and then do it on your home. This will build a beautiful wall of protection around your home that acts like a spiritual do not enter sign. Your loved ones on the otherside and guides will still be able to watch over you with love because the protection piece of GCP is like a filter, allowing in what is supposed to be on your path. Better yet, that filter will keep out what is not supposed to be on your path (aka negative spirits).

When you are ready…

If you are ready to connect with spirits but still feel anxiety and some fear, then practice the simple act of quickly restructuring your experience. When you feel or see a spirit near you, you might first feel fear. If you do, stop and reset your emotion. Put the fear aside long enough to be able to truly sit with the experience. Tell your fear it can come back if it’s needed but for right now you need to sit with the experience with no judgement. When you do that, you just might smell that wonderful apple pie smell from great aunt Marge. You just might feel the love come through.

In Conclusion

You don’t have to live afraid to see spirits. With a practice like GCP under your belt you will have more control over your space, your home, and your experiences. Remember, your guides will only give you what you can handle and if right now, seeing a spirit is more than you can handle, know that they are aware of that. When (and if) the time is right in the future, you can always step into that level of exploration. Just know, your intuition can be very, very strong without having to communicate with the deceased. So don’t stop honing that beautiful intuition of yours. Keep rockin’ it!

GCP (Ground, Clear, Protect) instructions can be found in the free intuitive course The Top Five Intuitive Tools. It’s the first tool in that course and you will love it. It’s quick and simple yet very powerful. Click here to get started right now.

A fun video on overcoming fear – No More Fear of the Dark