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Coffee or Tea?

Coffee or tea? Easy question and often we make the same choice. But I have a challenge for you. Set a date once a month to try something different. I promise you there are things out there you absolutely LOVE, you just don’t know about them yet. When life swoops in and creates a routine for you, it’s natural to stop trying new things and focus on the routine just to get through each day.

If you’re in that space of repetition, can you feel it? The stagnant feel? Trying something new will remind your senses of all that is out there in this world. A new taste, a new smell or visual experience will instantly pull you out of that rut and routine and bring you right into the moment. And it’s when you are in the moment that you are most true to your soul, your spirit.

We Came Here to Experience Things

You came here to earth to experience things. All of us didn’t come here to hold still, doing the same old same old each and every day. What would be the point? You came here to experience variety!

I was forty-two years old when I tried my first cup of coffee. Yes, I admit it, forty-two. But I am now in the clan of coffee drinkers! Posting funny memes about it and all. I never thought I’d like coffee but it struck me one day to give it a try. Up to that point it was strictly tea for me. Now I’m screaming for coffee to be poured into my novelty mug every morning.

Get Valuable Perspective

If you want perspective on life, movement from where you are, try just one new thing this week. Sign up for a dance class, eat a meal you’ve never tried before, listen to a different genre of music. It will shake you just a bit and remind you that there is so much more out there in life you haven’t tried yet!

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