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Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Just reading the phrase “Stepping out of your comfort zone” can spark an uncomfortable feeling inside you. The kind that boils in your solar plexus and oozes out into your energy body. There is a reason we have a comfort zone and there is an even larger reason we should step out of it.

When we step out of our comfort zone we radiate a particular energy of strength and power. That energy coupled with the message that comes through from our brave actions will empower others, and ourselves. It’s the first step of stepping out that is the hardest. And for each individual that first step is different.

An Example of Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

I recall when one of my students stepped out of her comfort zone by paying for the person behind her in line at a gas station. This was something she always wanted to do but was too shy to make it happen. When she got the courage to do it, she faced her comfort zone and pushed beyond it. There were smiles all around in the gas station that day. Each individual who stood witness to her selfless act was touched by positivity and inspiration.

While this example might be easy for some people to do, it was a challenge for her. It’s not about comparing your comfort zone to someone else’s. It’s about being brave enough to face that line in the sand, the one that sits firmly in your mind, and take the step over it. When you do, it affects you and others in a wonderful way.

I Recently Stepped Out of My Comfort Zone

A week ago, I created a new podcast titled The Otherside Chats. These chats are in essence me sharing my experiences as a medium who does spiritual clearings. For me, this was a big step and a slightly vulnerable step. The experiences I am sharing in this podcast are very detailed, out of the ordinary. These experiences are something most mediums wouldn’t share with the general public.

I have wanted to share these experiences with the public for two reasons. I want to bring awareness to the human experience of transitioning to the otherside. Humanize people in spirit form and remind listeners that ghosts are people too. I wish to be a point of connection for other people who do spiritual clearings and/or who have had spiritual interactions. To do this, I have to creep up to that comfort edge in my mind and take a leap of faith forward.

The Result of Your Bravery

In both of these examples there is a temporary discomfort experienced, followed by an internal fulfillment and a raising of the overall vibration. Think of an act of stepping out of your comfort zone as a wave of energy radiating out into the world. It will lift people up, expand your courage in life, and it might even challenge some individuals. But the challenge is good. It gets all of us to think, grow, and hopefully expand.

The How-To of Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Are you ready to take that step? I suspect you may have thought of something, while reading this article, that you would like to do but have not had the courage to as of yet. If that’s the case, let’s ride that courage train!

Three steps to tipping into your bravery:

  1. Write down on a piece of paper what it is you would like to do to step out of your comfort zone.
  2. Next, write down ten positive things that could happen for you and other people as a result of you taking this leap.
  3. Lastly… yep… do it!

Last Words of Encouragement

If this is something new for you, stepping out of your box, I’m here to tell you it will get easier. It’s the first big stride that can be the hardest one. After taking a leap a few times and witnessing the positive growth that comes of it, you will be more and more willing to do it again (and again). So get out there and lift up yourself and the world.

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