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Reconnecting With Your True Spirit

Reconnecting with your true spirit is something that happens from time to time. When it does we get to experience our true selves. When you are content, blissful and loving what you are doing in the moment, you are experiencing your true spirit. An activity or a person is bringing happiness to your soul. When you are doing something, or with someone special, and time seems to fade away, that is when you are connecting with your true spirit.

This can also be seen in others around you. When you see a child grinning from ear to ear as they roll down a grassy hill, or a parent looking into the eyes of their newborn baby, or an artist creating something, you are seeing their true spirit emerge. You can see the person is blissfully lost in the moment. That is the best kind of lost to be!

Find More Moments

When life becomes stressful one solution is to find more true spirit moments. Find things, people, events and such that make you so blissful that you lose track of time. Because it is the awareness of time that is stressing you out. Having to step forward through something that is not fun, day by day, generates stress.

Step out of the equation for a while, even a short while. Go to a movie, watch a live band, do crafts with your kids. Shut off the phone, close the laptop, empty your calendar for the next 24 hours. In your most stressful space you are the farthest away from your true spirit. And you can feel the tension in the distance, like a rubber band about to snap.

Welcome Home

Welcome your true spirit to come out and be in the moment with you while you do something you love or spend time with someone you care about.

When I do (fill in the blank) I am so happy I lose track of time. Complete the “fill in the blank” and go do it. Soon :-)

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