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Emotions Are Connected to Intuition

Emotions are connected to intuition and there are two ways emotions can be connected. And they can provide intuitive pieces of information and/or they can be a personal expression of the heightened vibrational state you are in.

Let’s start with how emotions provide information. For example, when we are tapping in to our intuition and using one or more of our five senses, we will see an image, or hear a word. If you add to that experience an emotion it immediately brings clarity to the image you saw or word you heard. Thus, an emotion is like a traffic controller. It points you in the right direction in regards to what came through intuitively to you.

Your Spiritual Tool

Used as a tool in this way, emotions speed the reading process and allow you to assess information more quickly. For instance, a reader can build an emotional dictionary. This dictionary highlights how when they feel a certain emotion it is giving them a particular message.

Similarly, the other option for emotions is experiencing them in a heightened intuitive state. When this happens, it is your own personal emotions you are feeling as a result of a deep intuitive connection. To know if this is the case first look for the most simple clue. Does it happen to you every single time you tap in intuitively? If yes, there is your answer. For some, emotions are a side effect of being in a heightened state. And that is perfectly okay! It is just how they experience that state of being.

If You Experience Emotions Intuitively

In conclusion, for those of you out there who experience emotions while holding yourself in an intuitive space, just make sure to remain objective. Make sure to take care of yourself. If it’s your personal emotions, remain disconnected from the outcome of the information coming through. Let the information be pure and accurate. Also, if you are getting emotions as messages please remember to clear yourself of those emotions when you are done. In short, they are not yours to carry.

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