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My Intuitive Experiment in Pennsylvania

In this episode, My Intuitive Experiment in Pennsylvania, I did a really fun intuitive experiment on the Kinzua Bridge that involved my timeline. An experiment you could try yourself to overcome fear!

My Intuitive Experiment in Pennsylvania Episode Highlight:

“Terry was putting his phone over the edge to take pictures and, for some reason, that equated in my brain with we’re all going to die. And that’s what happens when your fears kick in. So I just headed back and I looked down and it’s this long walk. It went way out and it was this really cool platform. I looked down and I just kept my eyes on the floor. So I just walked back as calmly as I could. However, I was polite, but I was focused on getting off the bridge.

So now here I am today, back at the bridge and I’m going to give myself a chance to experience it with no fear.:

Beau’s RV Set Up:

Ford F-350 Dually (Nicknamed Calypso)
42′ Fifth-wheel Momentum M-Class 395 (Nicknamed The Pearl)

Cracking Open: Adventures of a Reluctant Medium

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