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A Serial Killer’s Anniversary

In this episode, A Serial Killer’s Anniversary, I share (as you can imagine) one of my most intense clearings that I’ve done along the way.

Small Disclaimer

On this episode there is some sensitive material in here in regards to a serial killer and to murder. Because of that, if those areas are tough for you, you might want to skip this one.

Episode Highlight:

I instantly stopped and said to the homeowner, ‘I’m going to step back outside for a second.’ Just trying to keep my composure. You don’t walk into someone’s house and say, ‘I just feel like I got stabbed by a knife!’ That’s going to scare the family. That’s not why you’re there. You never go there to scare the family. You always go to help.

I stepped back out and I said, ‘Okay Beau. Come on. You need to check yourself.” Lesson learned. Every single spiritual clearing you do you approach it taking care of your energetic body. Taking care of your balance and analyzing the situation as much as you can before you go in.

So, for instance, I stepped out and I did GCP and put up a grid around the house and tried to see what I was dealing with. I could only see one stuck spirit but it was so intense and strong, which made sense to me after having that physical sensation happen. I knew I needed to be really firm now.

One state of mind that works really well when it comes to doing spiritual clearings is that firm unconditional love. For example, ‘You don’t get to mess with me. We’re not playing around here. We need to get this done.'”

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