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A Safe Walk in Maine?

In this episode, A Safe Walk in Maine?, I share with you a clearing the one clearing I did where I was frightened by both the spirits and the living.

Episode Highlight:

“We instantly felt fearful for our lives. These men got out of their trucks and when the woman owner of the home got out, she walked into the house and the men started to scatter slowly.

They were silent. They would look at us and then they would look away. Two of them decided to start walking around the perimeter of the property just like I had picked up earlier. That is to say like two wolves scouting the situation. A couple other men walked into the building and so now here we are. We’re on this property with some of the heaviest energy that I’ve ever felt. Therefore this energy was bringing up paranoia in us. Living males, who are not saying anything, quietly walking around watching us as we go about our our what we were doing.”

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