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No Turning Back

In this episode of The Otherside Chats, No Turning Back, I share with you a clearing I did early on in the opening of my spiritual path that made me question, can I do this?

There is a trigger warning for this experience I share here. I mention suicide in this episode, so if that is not for you, you may move on to the next episode. You can find the next episode by clicking this link here: Touching the Beauty of the Otherside ~ Episode 15

Episode Highlight:

“So, that’s when I saw it. I was standing in the living room and the male spirit that was stuck, that was causing this fear, appeared to me. Above all, he didn’t speak, and he instead looked over the couch. Subsequently, next thing I saw was almost like an old movie of what had happened to him. He showed me this vision, and things started to become more clear. The vision was of him sitting on the couch years ago.”

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