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I AM ~ Yes You Are!

“I AM” is the ultimate affirmation starter. It is simple, quick, easy and sharp to the point. And there is one fun easy tweak you can make to your I AM affirmation to ramp up its effectiveness. This small adjustment will amplify the power of your statement. It might even put a smile on your face each time you say the affirmation.

Affirmation Refresher

Affirmations are one of the quickest spiritual tools in your toolbox. If ever you find yourself falling off your spiritual path and getting absorbed into your human life, affirmations are a fantastic way to get realigned quickly. They are short statements of truth you wish to bring into your life. Example ~ “I am strong.” The simple act of speaking an affirmation like this raises your vibration instantly.

Intention over Time Spent

We tend to think in terms of complexity when it comes to our spiritual path and what is best for it. When we look at meditation as a beneficial tool for example, we can find ourselves thinking an hour of meditation is better than ten minutes. This is because we have been exposed to the concept of more is better. But when it comes to spirituality, this concept has no place.

When we consider there is no time or space in the spiritual realms, we can let go of amounts to justify quality. Intention is vastly more powerful than time spent when it comes to a spiritual tool. This is just one of the reasons affirmations work so well. So when you think you’re not doing enough just remember it’s about intention, not time spent.

With an affirmation we are not as enticed into thinking more is better. We accept that one statement is the source of its power and we speak the affirmation into existence with little effort. One sentence, one powerful intent.

A Quick Booster For Your Affirmation

Back to that small tip I was going to give you on how to make your affirmations more powerful and fun. It’s simple. Or perhaps I should say it’s magnificently simple…

Add an adverb to your affirmation. Make it a bold one, perhaps even silly and creative. This will put that smile on your face and also help you remember the affirmation and remember to do it. I’ll leave a few examples below but get started today. Witness your mode shift for the better and things in your world working out more smoothly and with just a hint of fun.

Here Are a Few Examples of I AM

  • I am fantastically lovable.
  • I am undoubtedly smart.
  • I am vivaciously beautiful.

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