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A Realistic Dream is Actually Reality

Every now and then a realistic dream happens. As if you were actually in the dream. The type of dream where you vividly remember it when you wake up and you don’t forget it the rest of the day. Those dreams are spiritual in nature. They are a connection.

Unlike their counterparts, the dreams that fade from existence moments after you wake, these realistic dreams are part of your reality. They are part of your active spiritual path. And more often than not, the people who show up in those dreams are loved ones who have passed away, there to connect with you again and/or deliver a message to you.

My Opinion

My opinion, that dreams are more than just dreams, comes from years of doing intuitive readings. Time after time, messages have come through matching what my client experienced in a past dream with a loved one. Or, even more straight forward a deceased loved one comes through in a reading and point blank says that they visited my client in their dream. It’s heartwarming when the client says “Yes! I remember that dream!”

From those countless experiences during readings, I have come to acknowledge that a very realistic dream is not a dream at all. It’s a connection. These deep spiritual connections you make while you sleep happen because when we sleep, our human mind is out of the way. Our brain isn’t interfering or filling us with doubt or uncertainty. When we are asleep, there is no such thing as ‘not real’ and no temptation to translate. Our peaceful sleep state opens us up to pure intuition and possibilities.

So, before bed, give a quick shout out to a loved one you are missing, or to your guides. Welcome them to connect with you in your dreams. And when they do, enjoy every minute of it!

Tip – make sure to ground, clear and protect yourself before you go to sleep. That way your loved ones or guides will have an easier time accessing you in your dream. For information on how to ground, clear and protect click here.

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