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RV Renovations and Mining for Gold

In this episode, RV Renovations and Mining for Gold, We’ve completed two renovation projects in the RV and it makes a world of difference with the flow of the energy. Plus, I had a little fun mining for gold!

RV Renovations and Mining for Gold Episode Highlight:

“It’s a great place to have drawers where you can drop your keys and put everything away. And so it doesn’t feel so cluttered and it worked out perfectly. I’ve got to say, when we did that renovation that was a little bit of a tipping point. It felt like we were home even more so. For instance, we had made it a little bit more our own. Because of that, it felt really really good. I love the outcome of that renovation.”

Beau’s RV Set Up:

Ford F-350 Dually (Nicknamed Calypso)
42′ Fifth-wheel Momentum M-Class 395 (Nicknamed The Pearl)

Cracking Open: Adventures of a Reluctant Medium

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