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How to Hear Your Intuition Whispers

Someone asked me last week what I do and I replied, “Your intuition whispers and I teach people how to turn up the volume of their intuition.” And I thought to myself, that is a great way to explain it!

A Couple Truths About Your Intuition

  • Everyone has intuition. It is NOT reserved for the special few or “gifted” individuals. It is one of the most natural and real parts of your human experience.
  • Your intuition whispers to you daily!
  • The first step into accessing this intuitive inner knowledge is acknowledgement.

Your Intuition Whispers to You

It does this with everyone. The key to utilizing your intuition on a daily basis with more ease is to learn to hear the whisper. And to learn to do this is not as difficult as some may lead you to believe.

Steps to Hear the Intuitive Whisper (And Tools to Help)

  1. Admit to yourself, finally, that intuition is nothing special. It is something we all are naturally born with and something we all have access to. Many people block themselves simply by believing it is too hard to access their own intuition. Even if you have to focus on letting go of a limiting belief around it, I urge you to take a step in that direction. Your intuition is waiting for you. You can find a great tool to help you with this in the Top Five Intuitive Tools free course. Access it and watch the lesson on “Five Minute Faith” by clicking here.
  2. Start a daily routine of recognizing and acknowledging, just like you do the sun rising or the coffee brewing in the kitchen. That simple act of awareness each day will strengthen your connection to your intuition, your spiritual guides and the messages that are available to you on your path. Another tool in the Top Five course is Guide Communication. Access that free tool here.
  3. Learn, learn, learn. Learn as much as you can about intuition, how it works and how it navigates through our lives. When you have more knowledge, you have more understanding to connect with this amazing channel, sixth sense, that is a part of you.

Acknowledge, Awareness, Learning

In summary, it’s three simple steps: acknowledge, create awareness, and learn. Start with the free course I mentioned above as it will give you tools you can begin to use immediately. Then, when you are ready to dive in deeper, visit The Sage Method Course to access the training that will change your intuitive life and open doors that are just waiting for you to open!

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