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Choose Happiness in 2022

Choose happiness ~ That is my motto as I kick off this year! In this post I’ll share with you two simple steps on how to make 2022 a fantastic year. I invite you to experience this year, a time period filled with potential, looking forward to each day and tipping the scales into happiness.

Meeting With the Guides

Each December I sit down with my spirit guides and discuss what is coming for the next year. I will admit the last two years weren’t overly exciting for predictions, but this year is different. This year holds massive, and I mean massive, potential. There is a beautiful energy that is gaining in strength in 2022 and in this post I want to outline exactly how to step into it, raise your vibration, and experience more happiness. Spoiler alert, you will enjoy this!

Recognizing the Old Pattern and Replace It

Navigating your spiritual path this year for the best outcome will take a little bit of awareness and a smidge of courage, but it won’t be difficult.

Step One – Awareness

Take a step back and take an honest inventory of your daily habits. Specifically, ask yourself how much time you spend absorbing negative information. How much of your free time is spent listening to heavy topics, scary news stories, and sad experiences?

In 2020 we were drawn to these because we needed to stay updated to make healthy and safe decisions. We were also witnessing history unfolding right before our eyes. It made sense to pay attention. In 2021, same thing. However, with this much time having gone by, and being focused on the negative almost daily, we subconsciously created a habit of pessimism. Absorbing too much of negativity every day became like an unwanted heavy blanket on our shoulders.

Even the most optimistic people have struggled with this. Very few were untouchable from the stress the globe went through. Many, many, many people have struggled with negative emotions in the last few years. So make sure to not add unnecessary guilt on yourself as you turn around the ship to brighter waters. This post is about moving forward, not staying in the past.

The world is improving and healing. The light is starting to shine again, and we need to focus on that light. It is time to let it back into your life. Which brings me to the next step.

Step Two – Change Your Patterns

This is where your courage comes in. Changing a negative pattern, especially one born out of so much worldly struggle, can be hard to do. But this is so important and so timely. You are not helping yourself, or anyone else for that matter, if you don’t return to your natural state of alignment. In that alignment you are powerful. Centered you can help others and make a difference. When you choose happiness you can change the world.

Each day make a conscious effort to search out positive experiences, visuals, people, and activities. Do one thing every day that makes you smile. That’s it. That’s all that is needed to remind you that there is positivity around you and in the world. More and more of it is showing up each day this year. Proactively look for it and it will help you step away from the influx of negativity that has been coming in.

Step Three – Choose Happiness

Big shifts don’t come from darkness, they come from the light. That is what this year is asking of us. It wants us to step into our light first, share that light with others, and then raise the vibration overall. And it takes that small bit of courage to turn off your television, set healthy boundaries with the pessimists in your life, and actively search out the good each day. When you do this you are choosing happiness.

I want this for you and I know you want it for yourself. Others will benefit from this as well. You are strong, beautiful and made from love. So step back into that loving beauty and let the world show you it is more positive than negative.

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