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Stuck in life?

This is the year for ‘brick walls’ to start coming down. The brick walls that have been in your way, stopping you from moving forward to your bliss. Here is a meditation to help you knock down those walls so they no longer keep you stuck in life.

Our issues in life are like brick walls and we can get too close to the brick walls. And when we do it makes it hard to see how to get past the issue, aka brick wall. Here is a meditation that just might help you back up from the brick wall and shake free from that issue you just haven’t been able to shake loose from.

Meditation Steps

  • First, think of an issue or block in your life that is blocking your path.
  • Imagine or feel the issue in front of you as a brick wall, picturing a brick wall or feeling a brick wall with your hands.
  • Now imagine taking ten large steps backwards so the brick wall in front of you gets smaller and smaller.
  • After taking ten steps, turn around to face the other way.
  • Take ten deep breaths of gratitude while you envision the success you wish to see on the other side of that brick wall. Breathe in that success.
  • Say this sentence, “Behind me the brick wall (issue) is crumbling.” Take a moment to 100% trust in your heart the solution and/or guidance will be there for you.
  • When you are ready, turn back around to face where the brick wall was.
  • Walk back to where the wall was and make note of the changes that have happened to the wall.

Possible Results

When you complete this meditation a variety of things may happen for you. You will get an intuitive hit as to what the solution or the next steps are for you to take. Or you will feel more strength to overcome. Or you will even see that the wall is completely gone (rock on!).

In conclusion, this is an exercise that combines the rebuilding of your strength with the trust that your path is indeed guiding you to the best outcome for you. This exercise, along with daily affirmations or manifesting statements, you will harness the ever-growing abundance energy of 2021 and you will see some amazing results!

Love to you as those brick walls crumble and your energy raises. If you are looking for more spiritual tools just like this one check out The SAGE Circle.

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