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What You Should and Shouldn’t Pay Attention to

Pay attention is something we’ve heard all our lives. But what do we pay attention to?

We all have had that odd situation where we feel less connected to an experience than we think we should be. Same is true for the opposite. It is a bizarre feeling when we feel way too connected to something that just doesn’t seem that significant. These oddities happen because of your intuition. When you start to live an intuitive life, acknowledge that you are intuitive. Then you begin to relate to situations in your life not based on societies standards. Instead, on how connected your spirit is to it.

When you are in sync with your intuition, it will assist you in “feeling” what you should and shouldn’t pay attention to. The fun and bizarre aspect of this is when it presents itself in a way that goes against what you logically thought would happen.

An Example

Let’s say your friend is talking to you about a trip they took to the beach. It’s a casual conversation.They chat about what they brought, who they saw, what they did and how long it took them to get home. Most of the conversation you feel like you always do, peaceful and happy listening to your friend.

But then all of the sudden, in the middle of the story, when they tell you about how time flew by. They tell you how the sand really felt good on their feet, you have a physical reaction. A reaction that makes you want to pull closer to your friend. Almost as if you want to hug them mid-sentence while they are describing their sandy feet. Why do you have this urge to reach out for your friend at this exact moment? It doesn’t seem logical. The idea of sandy feet has never made you emotional before. But you are now.

Your intuition is screaming at you to pay attention to sandy feet. Your gut is telling you to explore the sentence either for yourself or for your friend. It is a moment where we really should stop mid-sentence and say “wait, there is something important in what you just said.” But we don’t. We don’t because we are trained to not interrupt.

When You Honor Your Intuition

Think for a moment where the conversation could have gone if you were to stop and point out the importance of the simple sentence. If you honored your intuition in the moment and were not held back by being polite. Perhaps your friend needed to recollect what they were thinking about while their feet were in the sand so they could release a trigger. Perhaps you needed to be reminded to slow down and feel the earth below you.

What your intuition thinks is important is sometimes different than what your human mind defines as important or not. So if you are going to listen more to your intuition, you need to catch those moments and explore them. You’re friend won’t get mad, they’ll be thrilled that the conversation went from middle of the road to really cool.

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