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Your Intuitive Ability is Unique to You

Straight out of the gate I will say your intuitive ability is unique to you. No two intuitives will pick up the exact same intuitive information in the exact same way when tapping into something. This is because how we receive information is unique to each of us.

When trying to get information on a pet, for example, one intuitive might pick up that it is brown and hyper. This is because they see brown colors jumping around. The other might pick up that its a larger dog that loves stuffed animals because they hear the words “large” and “stuffed animals.” Both intuitives are correct. They are just tapping into the pet’s energy in their own unique way.

Beautiful Uniqueness

It is this beautiful uniqueness within each of us, that, if not acknowledged, will limit your intuitive development. There are no step by step formulas to intuition that work for everyone. There isn’t a step one, step two, step three. Each individual must allow their intuition to come through naturally and with the least amount of resistance.

It may be beneficial at first to follow in another person’s footsteps to get the feel of what it is like to tap in. Perhaps you will get a bit of information. But if you want to reach the next level, the spot where your intuition is at its best, you need to make your process your own. Create, change and build upon those initial steps and turn them into something that resonates with your unique self!

Your intuition is unique to you. Your uniqueness is what makes you beautiful.

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