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Raise your vibration is a catch all phrase that means many different things.

When you raise your vibration it can mean:

  • Increasing your energy
  • Getting you closer to your source
  • Tuning you into your spiritual wavelength
  • Amplifying your intuition
  • Improving your spiritual connection
  • Connecting you to your higher source

In essence, all these things happen when you “raise your vibration”. But because every person’s spiritual experience is unique to them, each individual will react differently in a higher vibrational state.

Here’s an example

If you have two people in a room and raise the vibration of both of individuals, they are going to have two different spiritual experiences. This is because they are in two different places in their lives. One might be just starting to open up to their spiritual side. Raising their vibration might simply release some old negativity for them. While the other person could be a seasoned spiritual path walker and raising the vibration for them is completely different. It might open a new doorway to their guides and loved ones on the otherside for example.

All possibilities are there when you raise your vibration. You could be just starting out on your spiritual path and have a massive spiritual shift and intense connection. Or you could be far along on your spiritual path and today, well, it’s just a good day to release some old negative crap.

I know I personally react differently to a higher vibrational state every day, simply because life is always changing. Each day is new, every situation is different and what happens in each moment is what is always for our highest good. Our highest good delivered to us on a Tuesday might change on a Wednesday.

The cool part… it’s always all good. As long as raising your vibration is done with love and light, you are good to go!

There is very little that is cookie cutter about a spiritual path. Trying to fit everyone into the same box is one of the most limiting things you can do. The importance of honoring each individual’s experience with their unique path is paramount. When we apply this to raising your vibration we see the ultimate expression of love connected with uniqueness.

Now, I can’t write an article without a little teaching in it. That’s just my style. So let’s answer the question on most people’s minds…

How do I raise my vibration?

There are so many cool ways! Countless really. You can:

  • Meditate
  • Listen to inspirational music or lectures
  • Enjoy nature
  • Watch spiritual documentaries
  • Get a massage or energy work done
  • Be creative through art
  • Get lost in your favorite hobby

The list goes on and on. But you will find the most success if you choose to do something that not only focuses on your spiritual existence, but that you absolutely LOVE. Something that resonates deeply with you. A task, hobby or experience that speaks to your soul and fills you with joy.

Pro tip… joy is the mechanism that raises your vibration!

And lastly, once you’ve found the joy to embrace, simply allow. Allow your spirit to be in its most natural state and experience what it needs to experience. Be open to all possibilities and just be.

Three steps to success:

  1. Carve out some time for yourself
  2. Do something that fills you with joy and bliss
  3. Relax and allow

Done with love and in the light, this process will do all of the above for you. Amplify your intuition, improve your connection, increase your energy and so much more!

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