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Manifesting Anything ~ Let’s Get Started!

The saying ‘You’re on a roll’ applies to manifestation. Manifesting anything or more of something already wonderful in your life is easier than manifesting something you don’t have at all. With that, let’s discuss how to tweak our manifesting skills to create the life we want. Have it already or don’t have it (yet)…

Start with the foundation that you are already manifesting. You have been doing it all along. It’s not something you start or begin to do. It’s something you adjust and focus on, something that is already happening. Check out this funny 2 minute video about how you’re already manifesting.

Now, since you’re already doing it, take a look at what you’ve brought into your life already that has brought you happiness. Center your attention on the good things that have been coming into your life. You did that. You welcomed them onto your path. Focusing on this type of gratitude is the doorway from more and more to come to you.

Trickier Manifesting

Focusing with gratitude on something you already have is easy. But let’s say you want something you do not already have, something you don’t have a direct reference point to yet. It’s still possible, you’ll just need to get a little creative with your energy.

An example

Let’s say you grew up in the city and never owned a car. Now you want one. Since you can’t focus on an existing car that you’ve already owned, shift to focusing on your typical forms of transportation. Did you walk, bike, take the subway? Even if these weren’t your favorite, which is totally why you’re buying a car now, they still got you from point A to point B. That is something you can be grateful for. Bring in that gratitude. Gratitude centered on being able to get to where you want to go. Once you have that grateful feeling flowing inside, imagine yourself behind the wheel of the car as you hold that gratitude. Now you are using what you already have to manifest what you want!

Consistently finding a reference point of past things, people and experiences you can be grateful for amps up your manifesting energy tenfold. This, in the end, is just a fancy way of saying… your power is found in your gratitude.

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