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Letting Our Five Senses Help the Sixth

By using our five senses in conjunction with our sixth sense, we are able to develop a strong reading style. One that delivers and translates information faster and with more clarity. This assists in speeding up our readings and allowing for more time to explore the information.

All six of our senses already do communicate with each other, this is how the information always comes through. But it helps to set our intention and participate more as a witness or observer after the intuitive reading. Then we are able to identify symbols, smells, sounds and such with more ease.

How do we get started with this?

We start by communicating with our guides, spirit, higher-self. We make the conscious statement we are going to be more aware and more receptive to specific signs, symbols and messages. And when the reading sessions are over, we will pay attention. We will reflect and recognize things that came through our five senses and how they played out in the messages delivered.

Putting this into action

After a reading, review the session you just completed and look for any patterns or significant markers that came through. For example, the strong smell of cigarettes, when acknowledged after a reading, will return to you when your intuition is delivering another message of someone being a smoker. Or, the clear vision of moving boxes in an empty room will show up again and again in the future if you acknowledge and are grateful it showed up this time. Thus, allowing you to deliver the message faster and with more ease that someone is moving next time.

The strength of these smells, feelings and visions will increase. This will happen the more you are communicating your desire to understand them with your spiritual team or higher ups. The conscious commitment to understanding how your intuition flows invites your intuition to speak with greater clarity! Let this develop over time. Be excited for each unfolding development and your intuition will become stronger each day.

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