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Intuitive Curiosity

Intuitive curiosity is a touchy subject when it comes to intuition. If you are too curious then you are putting your interest, desire or intent into the intuitive information. This can skew the messages coming through. But if you are not curious at all, the information can stall. Here’s how to balance between the two…

Start without curiosity

Always start on one end of the spectrum, eliminate all curiosity. When you are receiving intuitive information, just say what you see, feel and hear. Let go of all interest in what is coming through. This practice allows you to hold yourself still enough to only be focused on being the hollow bone, the empty vessel the information flows through. The downside to this, for most of us, is that the intuitive information will flow slowly or unexpectedly. You find yourself just sitting there… waiting for the next message to come through, not sure when that will be. I can imagine many of you nodding your head when you read that last sentence.

Moving forward to the next step

When you feel strong enough with simply being that hollow bone, and you are confident you are not attaching yourself to the messages, then it’s time to move (slightly) toward curiosity. This is when a small step toward curiosity will speed up the flow of information. The trick to this step is to be curious about the process, not about the actual information coming through. Hold yourself in a space of asking clarifying questions ONLY because you are interested in receiving the next message. Not because you want to know WHAT the next message is.

Master this technique and you are now able to use curiosity to speed up the flow of intuitive information. In the end, the most effective process I’ve seen with curiosity is for a reader to first just allow and continue to allow until the intuitive information coming through slows. Then and only then, get curious. In the end, if you can stay curious about the process and not curious about the information, you have hit the perfect balance!

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