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To Ouija Board or Not to Ouija Board

That fun, fantastically spooky game from way back when is still around and being used more than ever. The Ouija board has always been popular but is gaining in popularity again due to society’s increased interest in the metaphysical world. While it’s a great tool to communicate with spirits, it can also create a whirlwind of yuck if not used correctly.

The Issue With Ouija is not the Board Itself

Growing up, many of us were not taught to protect our energetic body. We were taught stranger danger and personal space limits. But most people weren’t educated on our personal energetic space. Thus, we walk through this world collecting energy from others that we don’t necessarily need. We are vulnerable to not only what we walk into but also what comes our way.

Using the Ouija board, without a solid spiritual protection practice, is a little like rolling the dice. One time you might attract a loving spirit that is super helpful and warm. The next time you might attract a negative spirit that is anything but super helpful and warm! And without protecting your energy and the space around you, they are welcome to step right up to you and affect you in a negative manner.

Skipping Over the Possible Outcomes of This

Skipping over what “could” happen upon attracting a negative spirit, let’s just move forward to how to avoid that all together. If you haven’t guessed it at this point in the article, the correct way to use a Ouija board is to protect yourself first with a strong spiritual protection practice.

If you don’t have one already you can find a link below to a live mini-session with me on how to use one. I do these sessions on a regular basis. If you do have one, join me anyway to fine tune the practice you are already using.

By setting up your protection you are, in essence, deciding who is allowed to connect with you. You are setting up healthy boundaries before jumping into a divination tool. This is hands down the best way to use the board. And any other divination tool as well.

So don’t throw the board out quite yet. Instead, look inside yourself and establish healthy, spiritual boundaries. And watch a wonderful side effect happen… even after putting the board away, using a protection practice on a regular basis improves your life as a whole!

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