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Relationship Loss on a Spiritual Path

Relationship loss on a spiritual path can be very hard. A common pain I hear from people who have started to walk their spiritual path is the loss of a relationship. If you’ve experienced this, or even felt the strain in a partnership or friendship, you are not alone.

Simple Explanation

When one person changes in a relationship but the other one doesn’t, that relationship is going to struggle. Many times without therapy, or other communication structures put in place, it will not last. This is because you are different now. Walking a spiritual path means functioning from more of an internal place instead of external. When you are looking deep and they are still functioning on the surface, it’s difficult to find middle ground.

More Complicated Explanation

When one person in a relationship dives deeply into spirituality but the other one doesn’t, their vibrations will no longer match. By opening up to your spirit and connecting more and more with source, you are raising your vibration. If a low vibrating person and a high vibrating person disagree you get confusing tension. Each person will view the same experience from a completely different perspective. They will view it through their own personal low (or high) vibrating lens. Standing in different spaces of vibration, you are no longer seeing things in the same light.

Also, by raising your vibration, you are releasing old triggers and old patterns you no longer need. You are walking a path of self-love and healing, making better decisions for yourself. If your friend or partner is not headed in the same direction, they may feel disconnection, confusion and/or frustration as a result of your new patterns and choices.

Relationship Loss and Soul Contracts

Looking at this from the observer position (my favorite thing to do), before we come down here on earth we set up soul contracts. We ask others in our soul group to connect with us on earth for a particular block of time. Perhaps they will be a lover or a friend. We ask them to come into our lives at a particular time and also to (sometimes) leave our lives at a particular time. While the leaving part is tough, most often than not we can look back and see the positive reason that person was in our lives. Why we are in a better place now that they are not. A soul contract fulfilled.

If you’re feeling the pain of loss in a relationship, just know that time does ease the pain. And someday you will be able to look back and reflect on what that person’s role was in your life and rediscover your gratitude for them.

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