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Is My Intuition Always Right?

Is my intuition always right? This is a very common question. People using their intuition eventually come across a situation where the message they received intuitively didn’t unfold the way they thought it would. It can make someone suspect that their intuition was not right, accurate, or even worse, it was lying to them.

The answer is simple. Our intuition does not lie and it is indeed always right. When we experience a moment where we feel like our intuition was incorrect, there is something else happening in the background. Here are the two main reasons why an intuitive message does not pan out the way we expect it to or want it to.

#1 ~ We Turn the Intuitive Message Into a Solution

A very common reason an intuitive moment doesn’t unfold the way we thought it would is we overthink it. We get a feeling, vision, sound, or message and we fill out the rest of the details. Sometimes the message is simple but we want it to be more complete. We take a basic moment of intuition and apply what we “think” it is telling us to do.

For example, let’s say you get a quick vision of a car or intuitively hear a car engine revving. That is a perfect moment of intuition. Where it goes astray is when we think through why we got that message and apply what we think it means.

This analysis can happen after the message comes through or during the intuitive moment itself. Either way it turns a pure piece of intuition into a more muddied version of it.

What to Do Instead of Analyzing a Message

Best thing to do in this situation is to welcome the intuitive message and say thank you for it. Keep the message in the back of your mind and keep going on your path. When the perfect time comes for that sign to present its direction to you it will. It will show up loud and clear.

When it shows up again, like an arrow pointing, say thank you and follow it. Also, stay open to a direction it points you in, even if it’s not the direction you would have chosen.

#2 ~ The Guidance Isn’t What We Wanted

From time to time our spirit guides, loved ones, or Source will guide us to do something or to go in a certain direction. If you are open to your intuition this will come through as a message. We welcome it and are happy about receiving  it until it ends up with a result that we did not desire.

If you’ve experienced this, you are not alone. The reason for this is our guides tell us what we need to hear, not what we want to hear. If we need to take an extra step on our path, perhaps one that we didn’t really want to take, we are going to be guided to do so.

What to Do When the Guidance Isn’t What We Want

When you feel that you’ve been guided in a direction you don’t want, take a moment to step back and look at it in the bigger picture. Pull back from the situation and ask yourself how this direction might help you in the overall outcome. Also, ask yourself a harder question. Is this different direction better for your highest good in the long run?

We can think we know best but sometimes we are way too close to the situation to see clearly. Those who are guiding us from the otherside have a bigger perspective than we do. They see what is coming on our path. Best of all, they know what we need to experience to get to that final spot of happiness. Keep an open mind to how things are unfolding and take care of yourself in the moment. You’ll get to where you want to be in time.

So is My Intuition Always Right?

Yes, yes it is. Taking the next step toward more clarity is all about learning to differentiate between the left, analytical brain and the right, intuitive brain. It’s about learning to tell the difference between imagination and intuition. Below are two courses that are really helpful with this training. Discovery Meditation being a simple and balancing step. The SAGE Method being a strong and big leap into it. Either way, keep learning, keep growing, and keep using your intuition!

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