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Why Intuition Makes You Feel Spacey

I’ve seen this so many times and I’ve personally experienced it myself. Intuition makes you feel spacey. When you focus on your intuitive abilities you become forgetful, you struggle more with multi-tasking, and you overall feel “out of it” in your daily life.

Not all of these symptoms are true for everyone, but most people can relate in some form or fashion. Some people feel as if time is slowing down or picking up and they can’t put words to it. Others feel more overwhelmed by the number of tasks on their plate. All of these experiences are happening for a specific reason and it is not a bad thing.

Intuition Brings You Into the Moment

We are humans functioning on linear time. Our typical existence involves thinking, quite frequently, about our past and our future and less about the current moment. This truth is the reason you hear so many spiritual leaders talk about the importance of being in the moment.

When we are in the moment we feel the least stress, we are centered, and we are more in tune with our intuition and spiritual side. This is because our spiritual side is more activated when we are in the moment. We are not being mentally pulled into the future or the past which pulls us into the human side.

Thus, Intuition Makes You Feel Spacey

Intuition, the use of it, brings you into the moment. It is in the moment that you are able to access and be in tune with your intuition. Thus, living a more intuitive life, we let go of some of our focus on the future and the past. Upcoming tasks and previous events no longer hold a front seat to our attention.

When we no longer linger in the future or the past, we can find it more difficult to multi-task, pre-plan, review, evaluate, etc. This can feel as if we are forgetful, spacey or unorganized. Truth is, it is actually a more natural state to be in. It is very beneficial to not dwell on the past or future and it is wonderful to not worry about twenty different things at once.

In Summary

While we can feel like we have lost some of our human linear time skills, the benefit to being open intuitively (aka in the moment) is huge. So don’t let go of your intuition to regain your ability to focus on multiple things. Instead, find ways to be able to still handle multiple tasks and situations without having to hold them all in the forefront of your mind.

Let technology help you. Get yourself some organizational apps. Personally, I heavily rely on my online calendar and to-do list. I’ve been able to let go of the need to have everything at the tip of my mental fingers. As a result, my vibration is high and my mind is much calmer. This is one of my favorite benefits of living intuitively. So open your intuition, organize that mind clutter, and find that peace and calm that can, at times, feel just a bit spacey.

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