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Intuition is Not a Gift

There are two wonderful things that can happen when we understand that intuition is not a gift. When we shift from the concept of it being a “gift” to the understanding that it is a natural “ability”, we open up amazing possibilities.

Popular culture, over time, has labeled intuition as a “gift” that is chosen for just a special few. Not that long ago intuition was seen as taboo, unusual, or part of the mysterious unknown. As a result, those who showed significant strength in using their intuition were seen as unique and special. They were on the fringe. Years back, those who demonstrated their intuition publicly were the few that were comfortable showing doing so.

Today, it is no longer on the fringe. Today, there are thousands of shows and videos available involving mediumship, psychic abilities, and spirit connections. Thankfully, it has become mainstream. There are many examples of people using their intuition to receive messages and guidance. More people now have awareness of the intuitive possibilities that are out there, and they are open to the knowledge that they are real.

Then Why Do Some People Have Incredibly Strong Intuitive Skills?

The first, and most important reason, would be that it is a calling for them to take their intuitive abilities out into the world to help the masses. They chose this purpose before coming to Earth. This is their focus and accessing their intuition is part of their process.

The second reason is that professional intuitives use their intuition more often than non-professional intuitives. It is their job, after all, so they spend more time focused on honing their natural ability to use it. When you use intuition frequently, it becomes stronger and easier to access.

Two Things Happen When You Shift From “Gift” to “Ability”

#1 – Your Own Intuition Strengthens

When you shift from using the word “gift” to using the word “ability” you are, in essence, acknowledging that your intuition is something organically within you. That it is a part of you, something that you’ve always naturally had, something that is wired into your system. It’s not that you have the gift of taste. You have taste buds. It’s not that you have the gift of intuition. You have an intuitive channel.

This perspective shift strengthens and invites your intuition to become stronger. It becomes more easily accessible simply because of the acceptance that it is, and has always been, a normal part of you.

#2 – You Let Others Know About Their Own Beautiful Intuition

When we use the word “ability” instead of “gift” we are removing the language that keeps intuition out of reach of all individuals who would like to access it. By changing one simple word we lift up others to the awareness that they too can access their own natural intuition for personal guidance and information.

“Ability” honors that intuition is a sixth sense we all have. What is wonderful about this is it opens the door to lifting up others and encouraging them to explore their own intuition. Imagine if more and more people were tuned into their sixth sense. Imagine the guidance that people could access for themselves if they understand it is an ability they also have.

Moving Forward in the New Paradigm

Now is the time to change the language to match the true experience for all. Intuition is not a gift, it is a natural ability that everyone has and anyone can hone. It is our sixth sense. And when one shifts their language and approach to what intuition is, two wonderful things happen.

When you get the opportunity to share with someone the strength of your intuition, and they ask you why your intuition is so strong, try this out for size. “My intuitive abilities are strong because I’ve focused my time on honing them.” This will tell them that if they too wish to have strong intuition, they simply need to dedicate the focus and time to opening up their own natural channel.

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