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Anxiety or Intuition?

When you get a thought or image pop into your head that makes you worry, it can spark a question. Was that my anxiety or intuition? On a deeper level, is it something you can ignore or is it important to pay attention to it?

This is common with individuals who are honing their intuition and learning how to harness it. When you are focused on developing your intuitive flow but also struggle with anxiety, it can be difficult at times to tell if it’s anxiety or intuition.

Let’s Start With Anxiety

While there are sometimes medical or emotional reasons why someone would suffer from anxiety, we can also look at it on a spiritual level. When we are struggling with anxiety, we are out of spiritual alignment.

We have three bodies. The spiritual body (our spirit), the programming body (our human mind), and the physical body. When these three bodies are aligned, we find peace and balance on our spiritual paths. It’s when one or more of these are off kilter that we struggle until we are able to regain balance and alignment.

It may be that we need to address something about our physical body for health reasons. Or perhaps we have an emotional piece that is causing anxiety to increase. Both of those would result in a lack of spiritual alignment.

What Can You Do to Balance the Three Bodies

Start with a daily practice that puts positive attention on all three bodies, like the powerful practice of GCP (link to video is below). When done in order, this practice has three steps that recognize, honor, and line up your three bodies. Grounding (the G) honors your physical body. Clearing (the C) honors your programming body, your mind. And protecting (the P) honors your spiritual body.

This practice is quick and simple and a way to recognize, and care for, your three bodies daily.

How to Tell if a Message is Your Anxiety or Intuition

As we are working to heal old wounds or physical issues, we should still be focused on opening up and using our intuition for guidance on our spiritual path. And when a message comes in, especially if you are new to using your intuition, it can be hard to tell if it’s your imagination (aka anxiety) or if it’s your intuition. Both imagination and intuition feel very similar when you are first starting to hone your intuition.

If this is the case, stick with this simple process. When a message comes through, a thought or image pops into your mind, stop and give yourself a moment of evaluation. Ask yourself a question. Is the message based in fear or not?

Intuition Does Not Function Through Fear

Guides, loved ones on the otherside, Source, are all working with you to assist you on your path. They will not deliver a message that would strike fear into your heart. There is no point to that. It is counterproductive and not helpful to keep you moving forward. They do not deliver “warnings”. They function in information, not fear.

So if the message, vision, or feeling that comes through is a frightening one, making you deeply upset, then you know it is your anxiety. If it comes through with more of a straight forward, informational feeling then it is more likely your intuition.

Ask yourself if it’s “doom” or “directional”. That is an excellent starting point to determining if you are using your imagination or your intuition.

Link for GCP – You can find GCP in the free course, The Top Five Intuitive Tools

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