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Better Intuitive Results

I bet this question sounds familiar… How can I get better intuitive results? If yes, I’d like to give you a unique strategy today that will help you move closer to that solid feeling of confidence during an intuitive moment. And, as a result, your intuitive accuracy will increase over time.

Left Brain/Right Brain

There are two sides of us when we have an intuitive moment, our intuitive side and our logical side. Another way to say this is our right brain (where intuition flows) and our left brain (where logic interrupts intuition). The logical side, the left brain, likes to sneak into an intuitive moment and mess it up or disrupt it. More often than not, we aren’t even aware this is happening. Thus the confusion of if an intuitive moment was truly intuition or if it was your imagination.

So why aren’t you aware it’s happening? Because the things that block your intuition are like cement blocks you carry on your back. They are behind you, out of view, but heavy as heck! They’ve been there so long that you have grown accustomed to them being there. And intuitive practice alone is not going to get rid of them until you see that they are there, until you shine a light on them to release them.

A Change of Approach

A common approach to trying to increase our intuition is to simply practice using your intuition over and over in the hopes that it will get stronger. The other way, a far more effective way, is to shine a light on the blockers of intuition, those pesky cement blocks you’re carrying, with the intent of recognizing them so you can release them. Doing this will rapidly speed up your intuitive growth by bringing a level of awareness and consciousness to the actual flow of your intuition.

So how do we recognize and release these blocks? Let’s start with identifying the blockers of intuition, the good old enemies of intuitive flow. Blockers would be your intentions, desires, opinions, and doubt. They pop into your intuitive session with sentences that include the words “I think”, “I wonder”, or even “It’s not making sense”.

A Practice for Improving Intuitive Results

Now, let’s get creative and recognize these left brain interruptions so we can release them. When you sit down with this intuitive exercise, have a pen and paper near you and follow this flow:

  • Meditate into an intuitive state, relax and allow intuitive messages to come through. Sounds, feelings, visions, etc. Stay open to any message that comes.
  • Speak the messages, images, or feelings out loud. This is an important step in this type of exercise.
  • When you hear yourself say anything that could be an opinion or doubt, like “I think it might mean.” or “I wonder if.” or “This isn’t making sense.” stop and write that opinion or doubt onto the paper, releasing it from your mind.

Repeat this exercise over and over. In time you will start to naturally catch that left brain of yours interrupting with those thoughts, those cement blocks. When you start to recognize those thoughts and catch them as they come through, you are removing them from their hiding place and releasing them.

This practice is a powerful one and I encourage you to jump into it. Remember to have patience with yourself and enjoy the process and in time, your confidence will increase as will your intuitive accuracy.

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