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Being In the Intuitive Flow ~ Making the Lows Not So Low

I have always said one of the best side effects to opening intuitively is being in the intuitive flow. This is because, when you are in the intuitive flow, your lows are not as low. When you acknowledge your intuition, your harder times can get a little easier. Using your intuition to consciously and subconsciously make decisions throughout your day, you end up following your path with more ease.

Our life path is not designed to be difficult on every turn and curve. We will have times that are hard to deal with, this is part of the human experience. But when we are allowing our intuition to flow on a daily basis, the middle of the road, tough situations will be less difficult.

An Example of Being in the Intuitive Flow

Recently, I was traveling across the country and our truck hit a large pothole on the freeway and started to shake violently. It was a terrifying experience but we were able to slow the vehicle and get it under control. We arrived at our destination safely.

Turns out this violent shake is called a “death wobble” and it is just as scary as it sounds. I immediately jumped online to find a Ford dealer so we could get the necessary repairs done. The first two dealers I reviewed just didn’t “feel” right. It was like they weren’t clicking with my intuition. The third dealer I found felt right, so I called.

Results of Being in the Intuitive Flow

I certainly called the right dealer because they just happened to have the part we needed in stock to fix the truck. The gentleman that assisted me on the phone even commented on how bizarre it was that they had the part because those parts were on backorder for weeks. He stated that it was absolutely amazing luck that the part they needed was in stock.

I laughed because I knew it wasn’t luck, it was my intuition that led me to the right dealer. Otherwise, it sounded like we would have been off the road for weeks waiting for a truck part. This is just one example of how being in the intuitive flow can help make the low times a little easier.

How to Stay in the Flow

Staying in your intuitive flow is easier than you might think. It is simply taking a moment each day to acknowledge that you are an intuitive being. That simple acknowledgement will perk up your energy body and open you up to consciously receive messages even if you’re not aware of them.

A daily recognition along with intuitive practice every now and then will strengthen and support your intuitive development. Always stay curious and always stay learning when it comes to your intuition. That, in itself, will keep you in the intuitive flow.

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