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Rewiring and Downloads

One way our spiritual team helps us on our path is through rewiring and downloads. These are supportive and helpful occurrences that happen occasionally when they are much needed. Let’s break down each of them and take a deeper look.

What is Rewiring?

Our spiritual team (our guides, source, and/or higher self) will adjust our energetic body to help us on our path. The intent of rewiring is to support us by giving us a new way of being aligned so we can be more open to upcoming situations and experiences.

For example, you may currently get messages through feelings but in the future you will need to also be able to use your vision to get messages. Your spiritual team knows this and, at times, will step in and rewire your energetic body to help you adjust with more ease to opening up to this new intuitive ability.

What Happens When You Get Rewired?

When your spiritual team rewires you it most often happens without you even knowing. It is always a positive experience and always helpful for you on your path.

While it’s not a common occurrence, it is one that happens when we need a little extra help moving forward on our path. It occurs to assist us in experiencing our upcoming life path at its highest good.

More often than not it will happen while we are sleeping or in meditation. Energy is moved in such a way that our energetic body aligns in a new way with our physical body. The result is an adjustment in how we are able to interact in this world intuitively. Perhaps we are no longer afraid of spiders or perhaps we gain a new intuitive ability.

What Are Downloads?

Downloads are similar to rewiring but they are more about receiving information that you will need as you move forward on your path. Again, your spiritual team is working with you for your highest good. If they know something is coming up that you will need to understand on a deeper level they act. They will give you a download of information or energy so you can process that upcoming situation more easily.

Again, these are rare situations and when they happen, we rarely know that they happened. But they are helpful and come from a loving source. It’s never a bad thing to get a little helpful information ahead of time.

What Happens When You Get a Download?

The result of receiving a download is having knowledge that you did not have before and did not search out yourself. Downloads take a few days, sometimes weeks, to process. When they happen you will gradually begin to understand something on a deeper level.

Rewiring and Downloads

While both of these situations can feel odd, if you are even aware of them, they are a very helpful process for you on your path. It’s as if your spiritual team is looking ahead and looking out for you, supplying you with what you need.

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