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What is an Energy Imprint?

If you have ever walked through a random location and felt overwhelmed with an emotion that was not your own, you may have come across an energy imprint. Energy imprints are quite common. You can find them when you visit new locations, enter buildings, or drive by them in a car to run an errand.

What are Energy Imprints

Energy imprints are clusters of old energy residing in different places as a result of previous events that happened in those locations. When an intense emotion is experienced it sometimes leaves a mark, or imprint of energy. It leaves it in the location in which it was experienced. This residual energy can remain in that physical location for short or long periods of time.

For example, if in the past two people engaged in a violent fight and it caused one or both of the individuals to experience extreme fear, that fear can turn into an energy imprint. You would intuitively sense the extreme fear when you came into contact with that energy imprint. It isn’t always the case, but occasionally it happens. Another example would be a group of people came together to celebrate something magnificent. This can also leave behind an energy imprint. In this case however, it would be a positive energy.

How Can You Intuitively Pick Up an Energy Imprint

For most everyone, energy imprints can be pretty simple to pick up. When you are actively using your intuition in your day to day life, energy imprints are almost impossible to ignore. Especially when you are aware of what they are and what they feel like.

In essence, they are an extreme difference in vibration that one is able to sense. If you are vibrating energetically very high and you step into an energy imprint with a low vibration, you will feel the imprint. The opposite is also true. If you are in a low, negative state of mind and stumble upon a high vibrating energy imprint, you will feel it as well.

The only time it will be difficult to pick up on an energy imprint as you pass through a location is if you are already vibrating at the same level as the energy imprint. When this happens, there lacks a bit of alertness in the shift of emotions you feel. Thus, you might not even know there was an energy imprint around.

As a professional intuitive, this is one aspect of doing spiritual clearings that can be very important to detect. No matter how your day is going, good or bad, you can always hold yourself in a very centered, empty mind, space and check in with your intuition to search for energy imprints. This is done by allowing yourself to feel the differences around you consciously.

Should You Clear Energy Imprints

When it comes to clearing a location or space, I always suggest asking first. Not asking the living people that live or work there, but instead asking your guides and/or your intuition. Ask your guides or your intuition if you should clear the energy of an imprint before doing anything. Sometimes you will get a “no” for an answer. This is because some energy imprints, whether positive or negative, can have a purposeful and helpful reason for being in that location. These reasons are always for the highest good of everyone involved.

So if you get a “no” in response to asking if you should clear a space of its energy imprint, then go ahead and leave it be to do its job. If you get a “yes”, keep the process simple when it comes to clearing the energy. Imagine something that cleans out a room, like a vacuum or a broom. Imagine cleaning out the energy and returning it to its neutral state. Return it back to Source. It is indeed that simple.

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