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The Universe and Generosity

There is a powerful connection between the universe and generosity. When we follow our spiritual path and take the leaps we need to take, scary or exciting, the universe will hold out its hand and support us in generous ways. That, right there, is when you know you are heading in the right direction!

As some of you know, I recently moved to Portland, Oregon. A place I have never been before. Not even to scope it out once before I move. I made the decision to simply head there, no knowledge of the town and area. I knew, somehow, it would be okay. And it was.

The Move

Before I moved, I was sitting in front of my computer scoping out apartments in Portland. Not knowing the neighborhoods yet, an apartment complex for just a few months made sense until I could figure out what area I wanted to live in. That night, I was contacted by a long time student of mine who wanted to connect me with an amazing client of hers. This was someone that lived in Portland that would be happy to talk to me about the area.

Grateful, I stopped my apartment search and gave this woman a call. She was indeed amazing! Kind, happy to welcome me on my journey, and then, even more helpful. She asked where I was going to live. I told her that I was actually looking for apartments right that very moment. This is where the universe blew me away.

It All Falls Into Place

She explained she was living at her friends house while he was away on business. It is on 20 acre of land with a main house, a few cottages and a barn apartment. Her focus was to renovate the cottages and barn apartment while her friend is away. She said the barn would be finished with renovations the first week of June and she would be happy to have me stay there. “When are you arriving?” she asked. “Just so happens the first week of June!” I replied. I gratefully accepted this unexpected offer.

She asked if I had furniture. I said no and she responded with “No worries, I’ll take care of that before you get here.” Then… when I asked how much I could send her for a deposit and rent she told me not to send her anything at all. To just come out, stay for a few days before even deciding if I wanted to rent, and then make decisions.

The Universe and Generosity

The universe and generosity moved me. Here is a strong, kind and supportive woman who upon hearing about my journey to the West Coast, opened her arms to me and gave me a soft place to land, without even knowing me. She told me to not worry about a living situation, to just worry about the move.

In that moment, the last small pieces of worry about the move fell away and I knew I was absolutely making the right decision!  What a wonderful woman. What a wonderful universe. Thank you to all! And if you’ve read this let this be an inspiration to all of you taking your leap and following your spiritual path. Jump and you will be supported.

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