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We Don’t Come Down Here to Learn

One of the first things I learned from my spirit guide is that we don’t come down here to Earth to learn. Instead, we come down here to have experiences. I was fascinated by this. Up to that point, I had heard over and over that we come down here to learn.

To learn or not to learn, that was the big question. I did a deep dive into the differences between what pop culture was telling me and what my spiritual guide was teaching me and I’d like to share those with you here.

How We Come Down Here

Let’s start with how we come to Earth. While it is a very intricate process, there is a general way to explain this. Our higher self is like a large ball of light. We take a small chunk of that light out and send it to Earth to live a life. That bit of light is our spiritual body, now connected to a physical body. When that life is over, the small piece of light returns to the higher self.

How Linear Time Comes Into Play

Here is the key to learning versus experiencing. Our higher self, on the otherside, does not function in linear time. Time, on the otherside, is more instantaneous and all encompassing. We don’t experience linear time, aka Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and so on until we come to Earth and land in a physical body. It is the physical body that holds us in a linear time format.

We Don’t Come Down Here to Learn

Because our higher self is not on linear time it experiences an entire lifetime in one single moment. It knows everything that we will do in a lifetime. We, in the physical form, are the ones that don’t know what is coming up around the bend. We, in a human body, are not able to see our lifetime in its entirety like our higher self can.

So to say we come here to learn is to say our higher selves don’t know everything. But yet they do. If a lifetime is instantaneous for them, then learning is not necessary. What you have experienced, and what you will experience in this lifetime your higher self already knows. No learning is necessary.

But What About Past Lives?

Past lives are also not linear. If the higher self is not limited by linear time, then our lives are not laid out linearly. While it is easier to understand past lives as happening in order, one after another, the reality is they are all happening at the same time. The higher self does not wait for one life to come back in order to send another one down to Earth. That would mean our higher self is on linear time, which is not the case.

All of our lives are happening at the same time which dismisses the idea that we learn from one and bring that learning into the next life. Our individual lives affect each other energetically, which is a post for another day, but they do not learn from “previous” ones.

So Why Experiences Instead of Learning?

It is the moments that require linear time, that our higher self wishes to experience. What is it like to be anticipatory? What does it feel like to be let down? How does it feel to experience the full gardening experience from seed to fruit?

It is the experiences that can only be had in linear time that our higher self wishes to have. The beauty of the higher self is it understands love and pure emotion at the core of that emotion. Thus to experience an emotion in all its possibilities, including that when it is limited by linear time, is wonderful.

You could say we come down here to learn what it’s like to live on linear time. That tracks. But overall, we want experiences. We want to experience what it’s like to feel emotions through a lifetime in addition to instantaneously.

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