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How Personal Programming Affects Intuition

Personal programming is something we all experience. In essence, it is how we were trained to walk through this world as a human. It includes how we interact and respond to others, what we are told is right versus wrong, and how we think of ourselves. When we take a look at our personal programming and adjust it to our highest good, it has a positive impact on our intuition.

This Will Be Both Positive and Negative

Personal programming is a created set of beliefs based on right and wrong. We are taught through childhood, and sometimes into adulthood, what things are good and what things are bad. We model our behavior around this because this is the roadmap we were given.

When we first approach a review of our personal programming we can feel as if we are seeking out only the bad components of what we were taught. Truth is, we need to seek out both the negative and the positive components of our personal programming. Just as important as it is to adjust negative aspects of our training, it is equally as important to acknowledge and identify with the positive aspects of our programming.

Examples of Personal Programming

Some examples of personal programming include being taught to:

  • Eat a particular diet.
  • Follow a specific religion.
  • Put others first.
  • Fight to win at all costs.
  • Help others when we see someone in need.
  • Not listen to authority.
  • Judge ourselves harshly for certain behaviors.
  • Open doors for others.
  • Be disappointed in yourself when you lose.

Each Individual’s Evaluation Will Be Different

As you can see with the list above, not all personal programming items can be seen as black and white. Identify what you were taught and sit with it to determine if it lines up with your own spirit. I would suggest doing this without judgment and without attaching concepts of right and wrong. Allow your intuition to connect with what “fits” you. Not the you that was taught by someone else but the you that is your spirit, your soul, your true self.

When you do this you will discover personal programming items that were given to you that no longer resonate with you. You will also find personal programming that absolutely does resonate with you. There is always a mix of both.

What Happens When You Adjust Your Personal Programming

  • When you begin to let go of that which no longer serves you and focus more on what you love, your life changes because you:
  • Increase your time spent in happiness and peace.
  • Open up your intuitive channel to receive more guidance.
  • Experience more focus and alignment.
  • Relieve yourself of much of the stress you previously carried.

We are all wired differently and beginning to walk a spiritual path that resonates with your core more than resonates with what others expect of you opens you up to higher levels of intuition and deeper connection to your direct source of love.

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