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Intuitive Work Improves Your Mood

High vibration and low vibration. That’s what it’s all about! So, when that bad mood, gloom and doom settles into you, you are experiencing a low state of vibration. It’s in this lowered state that we experience frustration and anger. It happens. We’re human. The good news is intuitive work improves your mood.

Bad Mood? Tap In!

While there are many wise suggestions to combat feeling low, there is one that I really like. Tap in! When I’m feeling low I will carve out 15 minutes in my day to tap in intuitively. This raises my vibration and lifts me up into a better space. Connecting with my guides, reading for a friend. Anything to get into that higher vibration for those 15 minutes. It washes away the frustration and reminds me of what is important in life.

Connect to a Higher Plane

Tapping into your intuition disconnects you from this agreed upon reality and connects you to a higher plane where you are able to experience a multi-dimensional state instead of a linear state. In a linear state, with a lower vibration, we are struggling to be in the moment. We are focused on the future or the past and stuck. By tapping into our intuition it pulls us up and out of that stuck space and brings us into a state of possibilities where the moment is everywhere.

Giving Raises Your Vibration

Last tip here, try to tap in for someone or something other than yourself. By focusing on yourself you may not reach a high enough vibration to disconnect you from the frustration and anger. Simply said, you won’t be able to release the lower state if you remain focused on yourself. Call a friend to tap in for, contact your guides and ask about something outside of your current situation. Let go of wanting to figure yourself out for just 15 minutes and allow yourself to open up to the expansive universe. Trust me, it will bring much needed balance. And in the end, giving to someone else through your intuitive work raises your vibration and thus, raises your mood!

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