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How to Break a Soul Tie

We are all connected, this is true. But there are a few individuals in our lifetime that we are deeply connected to. We have soul ties with them. Break a soul tie isn’t always easy, but it is possible, if the timing is right.

Soul Contracts

When we come down here to earth we have soul contracts with some of the people in our life. These contracts are for the good and the bad. In essence, soul contracts are put in place to make sure you are connected with that person for your highest good. This could be a fantastic relationship that inspires you to be a better version of yourself. This could also be a bad relationship that inspires you to be stronger and set boundaries.

These situations help us on our path to get from A to B. But when the soul contract is over, it’s important for the two people to go their separate ways. Staying connected after a soul contract can slow your spiritual flow and create stagnant energy in your life.

How to Break the Soul Ties

When breaking a soul tie, it’s important to use your mind, body, and spirit. Get creative and come up with visuals or symbols that represent you and the other person. Then set the intent to disconnect from them with your mind, your body, and your spirit.

Three Steps

  • For your mind, imagine the old memories being released to the wind, or packed up in boxes for storage.
  • For your body, make a pact with yourself to stop communicating with the person via phone, email, etc.
  • And finally, for your spirit, imagine filling yourself up with a beautiful colored light that brings in so much love. Light that replaces the possible hole left behind from the split.

You may have to do this a few times and that is okay. Just putting the effort into taking these steps will put you far ahead on the path of freedom from the connection. Sometimes it takes a bit to work, but sometimes it will work right out of the gate. It depends mostly on how ready you are to make the shift and cut the tie.

What if it Isn’t the Right Time?

There are those moments where we want it to be the right time to end a soul contract, but it just isn’t. These moments can be frustrating for sure, especially if the soul contract is no longer a positive one. Just know, when this happens, to be as patient as you can and the timing will work itself out.

In this situation I take time out for myself and acknowledge that there is probably one more lesson to be learned or one more tidbit of knowledge to gain before the contract ends. That way of thinking brings strength in acceptance.

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